Finding Child Care - Amador Referrals - Calaveras Referrals - Choosing CC - Referral/Complaint Policies


(click here for PDF version) - updated 11/9/2022

Referral Policy

The Resource Connection encourages and supports parental choice in the selection of child care. We believe that children have the right to a safe and healthy environment. We give referrals not recommendations and we urge parents to interview childcare facilities and check references before leaving a child in care. The services we offer are private and confidential. We will not release personal information without prior consent.

State law requires licensed childcare facilities to keep a record of any licensing report for public view on their premises. A complete file regarding a childcare facility may be obtained by contacting the State Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division (CCL), which is also known as River City Child Care in our region. When parents call for information, they will need to give the correct spelling of the last name of the provider, their facility number or their correct physical address.

Child Care Referrals

  1. The Resource Connection offers a minimum of 30 hours per week of referral services. In addition, child care referrals can be accessed 24 hours/7 days a week through The Resource Connection Child Care Resource and Referral website These services are free to all parents regardless of income level, race, gender, color, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or national origin.
  2. Referrals are made to licensed family child care homes, licensed centers, and some legally license exempt centers.
  3. Parents will be screened for subsidized child care, and if eligible, referred to our child care subsidy eligibility list.
  4. The Resource Connection will refer parents to a minimum of four child care facilities (if available) in the requested area and at least one of which shall be a provider over which the agency has no fiscal or operational control, as well as information to a family on the family’s ability to choose a license exempt provider.
  5. The Resource Connection will provide appropriate consumer/parent education and information with each referral.

Complaint Policies and Procedures

The Resource Connection’s complaint policy is designed to protect the health and safety of children in child care settings in Amador and Calaveras Counties. As a referral agency, The Resource Connection does not license child care providers, nor do we investigate licensing violations. The responsibility for investigating complaints rests with the appropriate agency (Community Care Licensing, Child Protective Services, or Sheriff’s Department). Parents have a right to examine licensing information maintained in the provider’s facility and at the State Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing at (916) 263-5744 and/or When The Resource Connection receives a complaint, staff encourages the person making the complaint to report it directly to the appropriate agency (see above). Staff will document the complaint and follow up with the appropriate agency within one to three (1-3) working days.


Receipt of Complaint and Suspension of Referrals

If the complaint could affect the health or safety of children in care, The Resource Connection places a temporary hold on all referrals to the provider in question. This temporary hold will remain in effect while the complaint is being investigated by the appropriate agency. The Resource Connection will not issue new child care subsidy agreements to providers while they are under investigation.


The Resource Connection will not respond to complaints involving the following circumstances:

  1. Complaints regarding a disagreement between a parent and provider involving fees for child care services.
  2. Complaints regarding a personal disagreement between a parent and a provider.


The Resource Connection will respond to the following types of complaints by referring them to the appropriate licensing agency:

  1. Complaints that children in a child care facility are in immediate danger because of health and/or safety violations.
  2. Complaints that the child care facility is not in compliance with licensing regulations.
  3. Complaints that the facility is operating without a license, and licensing is required.

Inconclusive and Unsubstantiated Complaints

The Resource Connection must receive notification that the complaint has been unsubstantiated or inconclusive from an official CCL form before reinstating the provider in the referral files. The temporary hold on referrals and new subsidy agreements will be lifted when The Resource Connection has received the official notification. The Resource Connection shall notify the provider in writing when they are returned to the referral file.

Substantiated Complaints

If the complaint is substantiated and CCL requires a Plan of Correction from the provider, The Resource Connection will also require a copy for their files.

If the complaint is substantiated and/or CCL has initiated legal action against the provider, The Resource Connection will notify and remove the provider from our files. The Resource Connection will not issue new Subsidy Agreements for Services to providers while they are under investigation or subject to pending legal action.

Probationary Status, Temporarily Suspension Order (TSO), And Revocation of License

Within two business days of receiving notice from CCL, The Resource Connection will remove the licensed facility from their referral files if the provider is placed on probation, has a license revoked or receives a TSO.

Within two business days of receiving notice from CCL, The Resource Connection will notify their subsidy department that a provider is placed on probation, has had their license revoked or received a TSO.

Probation or Temporarily Suspension Order Status (TSO) Removal and Reinstatement

A provider may be reinstated in the referral files when The Resource Connection receives official notice from CCL, or a copy of the official notice from the provider, that probation status and or the TSO has been removed.


Any provider who disagrees with either the actions or policies of The Resource Connection or a staff member, may use the appeal procedure. The purpose of appeals is to provide a method for discussion and settling differences.

It is the intent of this appeal procedure to settle grievances fairly and expediently. The person(s) filing a grievance will be free from restraint, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal. When grievances arise, they are not to be considered as reflecting unfavorable on either the filing party or The Resource Connection.

At every step of the appeal procedure, the filing party may be accompanied by another person to represent and/or translate. However, the aggrieved party must be present at each step. Any grievance not formally presented within 10 working days after the occurrence of the matter from which the grievance arose, shall not be presented or considered at a later date. Time extensions to the steps in this procedure may be mutually agreed upon in writing to provide for unusual cases. All appeals shall begin with Step I and end with Step III.

Step I:

The filing party shall state the problem in writing to the Director within 10 working days of the occurrence. The Director shall meet with the filing party within 10 working days of receiving the grievance. They shall attempt to resolve the grievance through discussion. After the discussion, the Director shall provide a written response within 10 working days.

Step II:

If the conflict is not resolved at the first level, the filing party shall state the problem in writing and present it to The Resource Connection’s Chief Administrative Director within 10 working days of the completion of Step I. A copy of the request to discuss the grievance shall also be sent to the Director. The Chief Administrative Director and a member of The Resource Connection’s Board of Directors shall meet within 10 working days with the filing party after receiving the written grievance. After discussing the grievance with the filing party, the Chief Administrative Director shall provide the filing party with a written response within 10 working days. A copy of the response shall be sent to the respective Director.

Step III:

The written response of the Chief Administrative Director is the final step in the appeal procedure.