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Getting Started - Program Specifics

Getting Started

The Resource Connection is proud to offer financial assistance programs to Amador and Calaveras County residents. These programs are designed to help income-eligible families cover the expenses associated with childcare services. Funding is provided through a combination of federal, state and local agencies. When funding allows, The Resource Connection will open enrollment to new families based on our Childcare Eligibility List (CEL).

Childcare Eligibility List (CEL)

  • The Childcare Eligibility List determines which families should be served first
  • The family is ranked by gross family income, family size and other needs. Income is verified prior to enrollment
  • Children receiving CPS, or children at risk of being neglected or abused are given priority
  • If a child lives with a guardian/foster parent only the child's income is used to determine the family's rank

To be placed on our Childcare Eligibility List, please use our on-line application-

==> CEL Application - Amador County

==> CEL Application - Calaveras County

Live in another county? Click here to locate assistance there.

Subsidy Income Requirements

Below are the family size/income levels for qualification. There are other situations besides income that could qualify you - the application will help determine if you qualify.

Family Size Makes less than a month Makes less than a year Family Size Makes less than a month Makes less than a year
1-2 $5,889 $70,665 7 $10,046 $120,550
3 $6,511 $78,135 8 $10,269 $123,230
4 $7,441 $89,297 9 $10,492 $125,909
5 $8,632 $103,584 10 $10,716 $128,587
6 $9,823 $117,872 11 $10,939 $131,266

(as of 7/1/2021)