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About the Library

The lending library is a resource of knowledge specializing in children, child care, child development and early education:

  • Books and other types of resource materials for Early Learning Professionals and Parents
  • For Providers - Age-appropriate, Creative, and Educational play equipment, toys games and puzzles.

Our staff can assist you in locating information that's just right for you, as well as provide more resources though the community resource directories we maintain.

The R&R Library Catalog Is Now On-line

So you can search/browse what we have to borrow.

==> Click here to view the R&R Library Catalog


(Contact us with what books you wish to borrow before coming to our office, as we will have to check to see if it is available and have to locate it.)

What's Available in our Library

  • Child Care/Development Leadership & Advocacy
  • Administrative & Business guides
  • Child Care Center, Facilities, and Family Child Care resources
  • Books on Parenting - Guides, Tips, and Situations
  • Child Development and Early Childhood Education Materials
  • Care and Family Education, Curriculum and Activities
  • Nature, Health and Nutrition Information
  • Children's books and stories covering cultural diversity, literacy, nature, social development and issues, early education, and literacy
  • Multimedia Materials* - Music, Entertainment and instructional Tapes, Videos, and DVDs
  • College Guides and Training Materials
  • Disabilities and Special Needs Resources
  • *For Providers - Age-appropriate, creative and educational play equipment, toys games, and puzzles.

Child Care Home Provider Library Benefits

Additional Materials and Age Appropriate Toys

The library provides for local Child Care Providers lending of toys, kits, games and puzzles. Geared for age-appropriate activities and to foster young child development.

Activity/Craft Resources and Technology

There is also a provider space where we offer classroom  resources to create graphic elements with a die-cutter, copies, and other craft and activity resources..

Licensed Home Child Care Mobile Library

As a service to Licensed Child Care Home providers who care for children in their homes and cannot easily visit our offices, we provide a quarterly Mobile Library "Toy Run" which includes books and toys from our library that providers can check out until the next toy run. us to learn more and sign up - 209-754-1075 or 877-944-9911.