Licensed Family Child Care Home - Licensed Child Care Center - License-Exempt Provider


  • Can be found in public/private schools, religious facilities, or a building owned/leased by the provider.
  • Is licensed for a specific capacity (the maximum number of children that can be cared for at any one time).
  • Can be licensed for varying ages of children from infancy to school age with a separate license issued for each age component.
  • Is licensed by the State of California and has health and safety requirements that must be maintained by the provider and monitored by Community Care Licensing (CCL).
  • Is required to maintain specific adult-to-child ratios.
  • Is required to have at least one director or teacher at the center who has been trained in preventive health practices, including EMSA approved CPR/First Aid.
  • Must have a staff member with certification in EMSA approved CPR/First Aid present at all times.
  • Must employ staff that meet the specific educational requirements for each position and hold a valid Child Development Permit.

How to Become a Licensed Child Care Center

To find out if this is a good fit for you, please visit the CA Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing Division webpage for Child Care Center Licensing Information

  1. Be prepared to pay a fee for the orientation and application process.
  2. Be familiar with CA Child Care Center Licensing Regulations
  3. Before applying for a Child Care Center license, you must first attend an orientation:
  4. Register for an Online Orientation - Register for In Person Orientation
    Prior to attending an orientation, you must download and print the License Application and Instructions for Child Care Centers
    You must bring these required forms to the orientation
  5. Complete and submit all the information and forms required in the application packet - application packets will not be accepted until you have completed the orientation
  6. Complete background check for all members working and volunteering in the center

Live Scan Locations

Locations in California to get Live Scan Fingerprinting

Transferring a Clearance

Active criminal record clearances may be transferred between state licensed facilities or the TrustLine Registry program. If an individual has an active clearance, he/she should not be reprinted. Licensees or license applicants may contact their local CCL Regional Office to verify the individual's status. Visit the Department of Social Services for more information and to download the transfer form.

Online Resources to Assist You