The Resource Connection Child Care Resource & Referral Services





- Referrals to Licensed Child Care
Referrals to licensed family child care homes, preschool and child care centers, Information on child care options.

- Child Care Subsidy Program
Assistance for eligible parents to help pay for care.
Childcare Eligibility List (CEL)
On-line list of families waiting for child care assistance.

- Grandparent Respite
Grandparents in Amador County a child care subsidy to provide temporary relief while caring for their grandchildren.
Community Resources, Education, and Information
Advocacy and information on issues affecting families, child development, and child care.


We provide free referrals to licensed child care facilities and licensed exempt child care centers; current child development information; professional development opportunities; and local stipend programs.

- Child Care Initiative Project
Support to start and run a successful family child care business through training and assistance.

- Workshops/Trainings
Topics such as child development, Infant- Toddler Care, Discipline & Guidance, Arts & Crafts, Nutrition, Eco-healthy, First Aid and CPR, Family Child Care Business, and more.

- Child Care and Development Lending Library
Child Development and Child Care Resources.